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Wildfire Smoke Defense Formula

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About the Formula


The main strategy for defense in this formula is a combination of demulcent, alterative, and flavonoid containing herbs. Demulcents moisten and sooth mucous membranes by providing a slimy coat of protection between your tissues and smoke filled air. The alteratives in this formula have an affinity for the lungs and the lymph, promoting the cleanup of accumulated wastes, both foreign and metabolic. The addition of flavonoids here is specific for increasing lung capacity, enhanced oxygenation of the blood and stimulate rehabilitation of respiratory tissues. The combination also has a powerful effect on enhancing overall immune function.


Protecting your lungs and airways from dry irritating smoke is not only helpful to reduce wheezing, coughing, sore throats and headaches, but can prevent secondary infections from depressed immune function. Some people may find themselves with runny or stuffy noses, producing excessive amounts of mucous as the body makes its best efforts to compensate and self-regulate for the environmental dry aggravation.


Breathing smoke is also stressful. The anxiety of having a continued strain on our senses from wildfires close by can cause unusually angry dispositions and heightened levels of nervousness and irritability. It is an assault on the entire nervous system to have our breathing capacity restricted or adulterated. Stresses increase with feelings of loss or anxiousness. The herbs in this formula were also chosen for their effects on stress relief as they uplift the spirits and promote feelings of strength, joy, and well-being… Take care of you. A cup of tea can work miracles!

Heather Luna's Wildfire Smoke Defense Tea

If you use the measurement of ½ cup as 1 part this recipe makes about 15 ounces of loose leaf tea. If you're new to making tea formulas start with 1 tablespoon as your part, which will yield a little over 2 ounces of herb blend. This is enough to brew a couple cups of tea. 

["pts" = parts, "pt" = part]


  • 4 parts Marshmallow root

  • 2 ½ pts. Red clover blossoms

  • 2 pts. Mullein leaf

  • 1pt. Elderberry

  • 1 pt. Rose hips

  • 1 pt. Hawthorn berry

  • 1 pt. Hibiscus

  • ½ pt. Orange peel

  • ½ pt. Monarda flowers or Thyme leaves

  • ½ pt. Licorice root

Mix the herbs together until well blended. Store in a glass mason jar with a tight fitting lid. Store in a cool, dark cabinet. 


How to Brew the Tea

  1. Decoct 1:6 for 30 mins. (ie: simmer 1 part herb blend in 6 parts water for 20 mins). If your part is one cup. This recipe yields about one quart of tea.

  2. Strain and store in sealed container to keep warm, or let cool and store in fridge.

  3. Add honey to taste, if desired

  4. Dose: Drink 4 - 8 ounces, 3 times per day.

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