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Field Classes

All field classes and herb walks are led by Heather Luna, clinical herbalist and herbal educator of over twenty years. She holds a wealth of knowledge in the uses and applications of both local flora and herbs of commerce. 

Field Classes & herb walks are held outdoors at various locations throughout the Nevada County area. Class locations range from the cozy nest of our school Medicine Garden to various treasured trails and forests in the wild landscape of the Sierra foothills. We will learn botanical identification and uses of medicinal and edible plants in their local habitats. Enjoy a gentle hike into the beautiful, wild forest landscape to meet and discuss the local plant life. 

These gatherings are rich botanical adventures which strengthen our relationships to the plants and the use of herbs in our daily lives. Due to the variation of ecosystems and activities held at each field class throughout the season every stand-alone class is a unique experience that cannot reflect the entirety of outdoor adventures we will embark throughout the year. These inspirational botanical play days are for every level of herbalist, from beginner to professional. 

What you will learn

  • Plant Identification

  • Herbal Actions & Medicinal Uses

  • Harvesting & Processing Techniques

  • Foraging Ethics
  • Plant Communication

  • Plant History & Lore

  • Hands-on Medicine Making in the field (Field Classes only)

What to expect

  • 3-hour class

  • Open to everyone, no formal training required

  • Most trails are considered easy

  • We will meet rain, snow or shine

  • Maximum of 15 participants to keep the group size small

What to bring

  • Water 

  • Trail snacks

  • Good hiking shoes

  • Backpack

  • Note pad

  • Weather appropriate layers of clothing depending on the season*Remember to dress in layers! You can always shed layers, but you can’t magically make new layers appear

    • Warm weather: Sunhat, light-weight loose long sleeves over a t-shirt or tank top, and pants to prevent bug bites and bramble scratches.

    • Rainy weather: Rain slicker with waterproof hood or hat, waterproof gear, warm wooly unders, long pants, sweater or hoodie with shirt underneath.

    • Cold weather: Warm hat, gloves, scarf, long pants with wooly unders/leggings, sweater or hoodie with shirt underneath.

  • For Field Classes with Medicine Making please also bring: Collecting bags or baskets, garden snips, and a blanket to sit on.


  • See individual classes for dates & times.

  • Registration closes 24 hours before the class date.

  • Location directions will be emailed to you after registration. All locations are within the Nevada County area. 

  • Please note that not all classes have medicine making. "Field Classes" have medicine making, and "Herb Walks" do not.


The price for each class is listed below. If you are a currently enrolled student with ACORN you will receive a discounted price, please contact the school for details. 

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