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Testimonials & Student Feedback

What our Graduates are saying about the Clinic program…

"In reflecting on the first clients whom I supported during the initial months of this program, I can understand the sheer magnitude with which I have grown as a clinician. I attribute this growth to our hands-on experience, the round table meetings guided by expert teachers, and my interaction with this community of incredible herbalists that make up our round table."

"Before the program, I felt nervous, inadequate, unprepared for professionally working with clients one on one. I was naïve to the subtleties of conducting an interview, and was easily overwhelmed by complex conditions and personalities. However, now I feel confident that I can walk into the world, with the title of “clinical herbalist”, and really help people. It isn’t just theory- through this program, I have helped people."

"Of the many wonderful aspects of this program, I highly value the clinical experience I have had the opportunity to gain. It has allowed me to refine my technique of cultivating an interview, developing rapport, diving deeper in follow ups, and seeing through the mist in order to identify the core of what is contributing to a person’s [health] case. In addition to the valuable experience of getting a handful of clients with different ailments/backgrounds/needs, I have loved the opportunity to work with my select clients for several months in a row. Our relationships have developed, we have learned from each other, and we keep uncovering new layers of things to work on."

"...our weekly round table meetings have given me a lot of clarity around the issues I have faced and questions I have had about the body, therapeutics, supplements, herbs and nutrition. I believe that Paul is as gifted at explaining physiological processes in a precise and clear way as he is at inspiring and uplifting the spiritual heart of all who have the pleasure of calling them his students. Vice versa, Heather has been a persistent cheerleader for all of us, while holding a beacon of direction, guiding us to cultivate growth where we need to develop our skills the most."

"This time spent in Clinical Residency & Roundtable has been such a game changer for me not only as a budding herbalist, but also as a person just trying to better themselves by taking more chances in life and facing their fears."

"One of the things that I was most surprised about this past year was that I learned that vitalism and nutrition can be the key to most conditions and that often you do not even need herbs. I initially thought that I would need to incorporate these gorgeous and inventive herbal formulas into each client’s protocols but often it is about the basics – sleep, nutrition, purpose, and movement – that make the biggest shifts and allow the body to start healing itself. I now often find myself wondering if herbs are needed at all for most clients."

"I will be forever grateful for this journey and the opportunity to learn from two amazing teachers... I can honestly say that I have grown immensely as a person and a practitioner this past year and feel more prepared than I could have imagined. I know the feeling of inadequacy shows that I will be able to keep growing and learning. This train ride is where I am meant to be right now in my life and I feel very blessed to be able to help those in need along their journey."

"One of the more satisfying challenges of this program for me has been working with real world clients that are outside my circle of family, friends, and friends-of-friends. It’s one thing to consult with a loved one, and actually that’s really hard, but working with strangers has forced me to step into a leadership role after decades of cozying up in the shadows."

"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this cohort and for the generous amount of knowledge that has been shared with me to pass on to those who seek it. I’m filled with so much gratitude and appreciation. I walk away from this program feeling competent in my skills as a vitalist practitioner and have actual case work with positive results to buoy me as I start forging my own path."

"Although it’s impossible to quantify all that I’ve learned these past months in the clinic, it can be broken down into 4 categories - what I’ve learned in class, what I’ve learned from my clients, what I’ve learned from reading cases, and what I learned in Paul’s audio teachings...Paul’s audio classes were both taxing and essential, and filled in so many gaps in my herbal education. I’m very grateful for these teachings. Most impressionable for me were Healing as a Spiritual Path, Herbal Pairing and Modular Formulation, and Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity. I feel like these 3 courses alone could set someone up to change lives."

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