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Clinical Residency & Roundtable

Registration is open for the 2024-25 school year

Classes start September 23rd


483.5 total hours

September 23, 2024 - May 19, 2025

Mondays 3:00 - 4:30 pm PST

This program is open to graduates of 

Advanced Herbalism in the Vitalist Tradition

Aspens & Osha

Course Description

All Clinic Sessions and Classes are held in real time on Zoom.

Our Clinical Residency & Roundtable Program is our third-year program that brings our students full circle in their herbal journey. All of the rigorous study our students have completed in the first-year program Footprints in Medical Herbalism and our second-year program Advanced Herbalism in the Vitalist Tradition have brought them to the precipice of becoming a fully trained Clinical Herbalist. 


Our program is based on the Roundtable clinical format. Students will attend the ACORN School’s Online Clinic as interns to run complete private intake and follow up sessions with actual clients. Interns will write up each case and submit it to the faculty and student body for review and collaborative feedback. Each clinician will gain the experience and insight of every case that comes through our clinic.

Consecutively, interns will attend one roundtable meeting each week for teachings and discussion of topics that arise in clinical practice. Roundtable meetings create a sacred space to share the challenges, insights, and moments of celebration of working in a clinic setting. Come to these ready to be your most authentic self.

Total Program Hours 483.5

  • Client face time - 160 hours

  • Case Analysis - 190 hours

  • Case Review - 90 hours

  • Roundtable meetings - 43.5 hours


General Enrollment Information

  • You must have previous herbal education & training to apply (see Prerequisites).  

  • Prospective students must fill out an application for enrollment.

  • ​​There is a non-refundable $50 application fee.

  • Once applications are accepted there is a deposit required to hold your place in the program. 

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to attend classes. 


This program has prerequisite requirement of a minimum of 300 hours of pre-clinical training in vitalist herbalism, having attended our Advanced Herbalism in the Vitalist Tradition program or the equivalent. Prior to Advanced training students must have a minimum of 300 hours of Foundational herbalist education, having attended our Footprints in Medical Herbalism program or the equivalent. Together, this totals a minimum requirement of over 600 hours of study with the specific education in the methods of vitalist healing strategies to enter into our Clinical Residency and Roundtable program.  

Students who complete both our first and second year programs are certified in over 650 hours of Vitalist Herbalism. Those who go on to complete this Clinic Program, will have accumulated over 1000 hours of formal herbal education.

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Clinic Program Schedule

First Day: September 23, 2024

Last Day: May 19, 2025

  • All meetings and appointments are on Zoom; you will need your own Zoom account.

  • Roundtable class meetings are held weekly on Mondays.

  • Free Clinic appointments are held monthly, on the second Saturday of the month. 

  • Student Clinicians will perform thorough Client Intakes (average 2 hours) and Follow-up Sessions (1 hour).

  • After each client appointment, student clinicians will submit their case in written form via Google docs. 
  • Each client case will be reviewed by Heather Luna, Paul Bergner and the rest of the class.

  • Faculty and community feedback will be given on each of your clinic cases.


Total Program Cost $4000

  • $1200 - Tuition Deposit

  • $2800 - Tuition Balance 

Once you are accepted into the Clinic program you will receive an Enrollment Packet with complete details, due dates and next steps to help you prepare for the first day of school.

  • Tuition Deposit of $1200 due 9/9/24 The deposit counts towards your total tuition. We encourage you to pay your deposit as soon as you can to help offset the initial costs and hold your place in the program. The deposit also helps keep the monthly payments affordable.

  • Tuition Balance of $2800 - Once your Tuition Deposit is paid, you will have monthly payments. Tuition payments are auto-billed on the 1st Tuesday of the month (dates given below). Please contact ACORN directly to make custom payment arrangements.  

CP Payment Schedule 2024-25.png
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What our Graduates are saying...

​"...the transformation I have undergone during this program is life changing. I never imagined I’d be where I am today— looking at opening my own clinical practice, with a handful of clients who trust and support me—and I couldn’t feel more ready to begin this next chapter of my career."

"Of the many wonderful aspects of this program, I highly value the clinical experience I have had the opportunity to gain. It has allowed me to refine my technique of cultivating an interview, developing rapport, diving deeper in follow ups, and seeing through the mist in order to identify the core of what is contributing to a person’s [health] case. In addition to the valuable experience of getting a handful of clients with different ailments/backgrounds/needs, I have loved the opportunity to work with my select clients for several months in a row. Our relationships have developed, we have learned from each other, and we keep uncovering new layers of things to work on."

"I will be forever grateful for this journey and the opportunity to learn from two amazing teachers... I can honestly say that I have grown immensely as a person and a practitioner this past year and feel more prepared than I could have imagined. I know the feeling of inadequacy shows that I will be able to keep growing and learning. This train ride is where I am meant to be right now in my life and I feel very blessed to be able to help those in need along their journey."

Application Instructions

Applications will not be processed until the application fee is submitted. This fee pays our time to thoroughly review each person’s application, read their essay, and then schedule a private interview to discuss their enrollment. This is a non-refundable one-time payment. 

  1. Student Handbook - Read the School Policies section (pgs. 9-12) of the Student Handbook, scroll to the bottom of this page for the link.

  2. Application - Fill it out online and save it to your device by adding your name in the file name, for example: “CP Application 2024-25_Your Name.pdf”

  3. ID - Take a picture of your ID and save it to your device.

  4. Herbal Certificate - Take a picture of your herbal certificate and save it to your device.

  5. Essay - Write a one-page essay that describes your previous herbal education, and why you wish to join us in the clinic. Write the essay in a word processor and save the file as a .doc, .pdf, or share it as a Google Doc file to the email address below.

  6. Application Fee Pay the application fee using the payment button below.

  7. Send an Email – Attach the following: Completed Application, copy of ID & your Essay. 


Within 7-14 days you will receive an email from us about your acceptance. 

​Questions? Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns. 

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Step #1
Clinic Program HANDBOOK

Step #2
Clinic Program APPLICATION

Step #3
$50 Application Fee

(one-time payment)

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