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Maceration Tinctures Video Tutorial

Maceration Tinctures Video Tutorial

Learn to make professional quality medicines!


In this tutorial you will learn to use weight to volume ratios and when to consider variations in alcohol percentages. It includes discussion on the extraction of various plants, as well as special tips from a well-seasoned medicine maker. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how to make excellent professional quality tinctures from start to finish.


Heather Luna has been making medicine for 30 years. At the beginning of her career she made lots of mistakes. She discovered that putting fresh plants into 40% alcohol, like vodka, results in tinctures that can grow bacteria and potentially make your clients sick. She found that herbs high in tannins can form a gunky residue as the alkaloids precipitate out of solution over time. Her guidance can help you to avoid these common mistakes.


As her practice developed Heather learned the medicine making techniques of physician level herbalists and has established the creation of excellent quality remedies that are safe, effective, and extremely potent. In this tutorial you will learn pro tips and critical skills to consistantly make outstanding quality tinctures.



What’s included?

  • The Introduction to Maceration Tinctures 45-minute tutorial video (link to the video is included in the file).
  • Detailed Class Notes which follow along with the video.
  • Herbal Tincture Making handout with step-by-step instructions on making tinctures from both dried and fresh plants.
  • Tincture Making Worksheet to track your medicine making process. This form can be printed out and used each time you make a new tincture.
  • Measurements for Herbalists is a medicine makers cheat sheet for understanding measurements using the metric system.


How to use this video 
It is recommended to first watch the video all the way through to gain an 
understanding of the process. Next, gather all the supplies you will need. 
Then, watch the video again while you follow along and make your own 

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