​​Sustaining the Vitalist Tradition of Western Herbalism​

​The ACORN School of Herbal Medicine offers online educational programs in ​Western Herbalism with clinical approaches to Vitalist healing

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Footprints in Medical Herbalism

Next program begins

September 2023

Take your herbal journey to the next level. This transformative academic program serves both the entry level student and the experienced herbalist with the refined skill set needed for sampling herbs to determine their effects. Flush out the foundation of herbal knowledge for upward growth. The community learning 

environment amplifies our experience. Enter the field of Vitalist Herbalism with a total of 348 hours of study...read more

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Advanced Herbalism in the Vitalist Tradition 

Next program begins

September 2023

Our Advanced Program prepares the herbalist for becoming a clinical practitioner. Paul Bergner, Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (NAIMH), is our primary instructor and students will receive direct experience under his professional guidance in our live online classroom. This is a rigorous program with 320 total hours of study...read more

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Clinical Residency & Roundtable 

Next program begins 

September 2023

The Clinical Residency & Roundtable Program is our third-year program that brings our students full circle in their herbal journey. Students will start seeing clients in a professional setting to cultivate their skills in becoming a Clinical Herbalist. Students will maintain a demanding schedule of weekly class time, monthly Free Clinic appointments, research and collaboration, and client relationship building...read more

Field Classes
Outdoors & in-person

Registration is Open!

Join Heather Luna for a fun, informative and hands-on experience in the field to learn about the edible & medicinal plants of the Sierra Foothills. This program can be taken alongside any of our other herbal programs. You can sign up for the entire program or single classes. Our Field Classes are rich botanical adventures which strengthen our relationships to the plants and the use of herbs into our daily lives....read more

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Herbal Education for Life

We have come to the conclusion that Paul Bergner’s audio recorded lectures studied in the flipped classroom model are an upgrade to traditional methods of education. Our herbal programs offer guidance within the community learning environment which bring the practical skills of Paul's teachings to life. Our online classroom setting is a guide to what’s in the audio recorded materials that students can draw from for the rest of their herbal career. 

This is a rigorous and exciting way to learn herbal medicine.

Join the conversation and you'll see that this is so much more than just another typical online course!

ACORN School Director

~ Heather Luna

Our Instructors

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Heather Luna

Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, ACORN School of Herbal Medicine Director


Paul Bergner

Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, Founder of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (NAIMH)

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