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Footprints in Medical Herbalism


** Coming soon for Footprints 2024-25 **

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If you’ve been looking for an educational program with an outstanding curriculum to build a solid base from which to launch your practice of herbal medicine, but are simply held back by the cost of attending school, then this scholarship is for you!


Our community learning Footprints in Medical Herbalism program is held online, thus applicants are welcome to apply from anywhere.


The students selected to receive this scholarship will reap all the benefits of an ACORN community member. This includes additional student discounts for in-person field classes, discounted orders with Mountain Rose Herbs, and half priced student membership access with the American Herbalist’s Guild.


This scholarship covers 50% off the ENTIRE PROGRAM, which includes the deposit, tuition, and the course materials. The remaining program costs will be broken down into a payment plan to make this sought after education more affordable to those who might otherwise not be able to attend.

Scholarship Application Requirements

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the Footprints in Medical Herbalism program. We would like to reserve this scholarship for potential students who are truly in need of financial assistance.


We strive to keep this program affordable, because we believe that herbalism should be available to all who seek it. So, if you can afford the full price of the Footprints program, please use the application on the main Footprints page. 

For those of you who have a gnawing hunger for learning about herbs and healing AND have a true need of financial assistance, we welcome your Scholarship Application. 

Please read our Footprints page, including the Footprints Student Handbook, for course topics and class information before submitting your application. Links are at the bottom of this page.

What we are looking for

Applicants must have a calling to pursue herbal medicine. Ask yourself if being an herbalist feels like a part of your life’s mission. If so, we strongly encourage you to apply! 


We are also looking for commitment and dedication. You must be excited to participate in a rigorous study of herbal medicine. Students must be able to commit to 8-10 hours per week of study. These hours include class time, as well as projects, assignments, and other coursework that is completed outside of class. 

This is a transformative program where you will gain knowledge and experience that will continue to enrich your life for years to come. 

How to Apply

Potential students must read the Footprints Student Handbook and complete the Footprints Scholarship Application form. Part of the Application form requirement is a two-page written/typed essay explaining why you want to attend. The essay should include any previous experience you have in this field (although none is required), as well as express your level of interest to engage in serious study. Please see the Application for complete details. 

Submit your application, essay and required documentation to:

Application Deadline

**CLOSED until the 2024-25 school year, check back next year to apply. 

You must submit your completed application and all documents by this date in order to be considered. 

When will I know if I get the Scholarship?

**All dates will be announced next year

You will receive an email on this date informing you if you are awarded the Scholarship or not.


We are only awarding TWO Scholarships this school year. We will read every application received by the deadline, and then select 6 potential students for a phone interview with the school director, Heather Luna. After all interviews are conducted we will make our final decision on who will be awarded the scholarship and inform each applicant by email.

**Please check back in 2024 when we will re-open our Scholarship application process

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