​The Acorn School of Herbal Medicine offers educational programs in ​Western Herbalism with clinical approaches to Plant Medicine and Vitalist healing

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Acorn School of Herbal Medicine Certificate Course

Upcoming Events

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June-July-August 2018:  Summer Break!

                                          Everyone enjoy the summer and we will see you again in September!

                                          Our Community Free Health Clinic will resume in October 2018. 

9/15/18:                    Open House & Tea Party. 1 - 4 pm. All are welcome.

​9/27/18:                    Our next Footprints in Medical Herbalism class begins! 

10/13/18:                  Free Clinic is back!Come one, come all, free healthcare for all! 10 am - 5 pm.

                                   Please allow at least 1 hour for your session. No appointment needed. 

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​​Footprints in Medical Herbalism

Next Program Begins September 27, 2018

Follow in the Footprints of Herbal Mastery ~

  • This program is ideal for those wanting to initiate the rigorous study of Western Herbalism. Every step of this course work is created to guide you on the path to develop your skill set in the medicinal use of herbs. You will improve the quality of your own life, as well as the health of friends and family. These are essential stepping stones for developing clinical skills. 

  • This 400+ hour course contains the inspiration, hands-on experience, tools, terms, concepts, methods of application, and case study based learning that will give you a solid foundation in Western Herbalism. This program is at a level that could also serve as continuing education for many of those already on the path.

  • Learn more than 65 herbs with practical applications, as well as understand how to study an herb, which will establish a foundation for effective continued learning. This is a project-oriented course, you will taste the herbs, journal their effects, make medicines, devise formulas, and study actual clinical cases.​ Students will spend time in the field learning to identify and ethically harvest wild plant medicine as well.