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Advanced Herbalism

in the Vitalist Tradition 2021-22 

Enrollment is Open!

Program begins September 8th

​Open to all graduates of the

Footprints in Medical Herbalism program

Our Advanced Program prepares the herbalist for becoming a clinical practitioner. Paul Bergner, Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, is our primary instructor and students will receive direct experience under his professional guidance in our live online classroom. This is a rigorous program with just over 300 total hours of more

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“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

In order to practice herbalism effectively one must turn towards Nature as the original instructor. Working with plants is working with the forces of Nature. Nature Cure is a healing modality as old as humanity itself. Our contemporary expression of it originated in the mid-1800s. Practitioners used whole food diets, restoration of the circadian rhythm, bathing in healing waters, movement in the fresh clean air, and the skilled application of herbs. This was practiced while spending ample time in natural landscapes and wild places. They found these methods to be curative of many conditions. It is from this tradition that modern naturopathic medicine was developed. In order to facilitate a cure we must unpack the habits of modern lifestyle and restore the balance of Nature’s original instructions in human life. It is our mission to resurrect these principles in the practice of western herbalism more

​The ACORN School of Herbal Medicine offers Educational Programs in ​Western Herbalism 

with Clinical Approaches to Plant Medicine and Vitalist Healing

Footprints in Medical Herbalism 2021-22 

Enrollment is Open!

Program begins September 7th

No previous herbal experience required​

Our Footprints in Medical Herbalism program is now completely online! Join us this fall as Heather Luna, Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of the ACORN school, guides us into the world of plant medicine and helps us deepen our relationship with the earth, each other and ourselves. This is an entry level academic program that provides in-depth essential training in the foundations of Western Herbalism with a total of 348 hours of more


Academic Community Of Radical Nature-cure

Sustaining the Vitalist Tradition of Western Herbalism


Remedy Garden is Nevada City's homegrown herb shop! It is locally owned by Jahwei Chen-Graf, B.Nat (SCU), Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath. She is also a guest faculty member at the ACORN School. Remedy Garden is a wonderful source for all things herbal and natural including bulk herbs, herbal tea blends, tinctures, elixirs, medicinal mushrooms, salves, skin care, incense, gifts and more!

Students enrolled at ACORN School receive 20% OFF on all bulk herb purchases! 

This location is also a pick up spot for local students to collect their supplies and course materials during open business hours. 

Supporting local small businesses is vitally important to our community!   
Online ordering options available.

Remedy Garden 
412 Commercial Street

Nevada City, CA 95959 
11 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday