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Herbs for Depression & Anxiety

90 minute Free Webinar with Heather Luna

  • Zoom


FREE Webinar Thursday, August 15th, 2024 11:00 am PST Anxiety and Depression effect everyone. Either you or someone you know has experienced them. Mental health and emotional wellbeing are greatly influenced by the conditions of modern living. We think of reactive depression from grief, loss, or trauma as natural; and anxiety caused by facing major life changes as normal. However, the addition of stress, sleep debt, nutritional deficiencies, and gut inflammation can exacerbate these conditions, making them unbearable. In some cases even life threatening. There are many levels of support in natural medicine that can prevent methods of coping known to cause harm. Let's pull out the tools for support, whether or not someone is on medication. This 90 minute FREE Webinar will break down common root causes of Anxiety and Depression so that you know what to watch for to prevent the downward spiral. This webinar will provide natural treatments using Vitalist Therapeutics and Herbal Medicines. You will learn key nutritional and lifestyle interventions to improve mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as botanical Materia medica and herbal formulas used for anxiety and depression. Mental health is not just all in our heads. Its in our guts, our hearts, and our nervous system; and it can absolutely be in our power to heal. Join Heather Luna, seasoned clinical herbalist, for a deep look at how to improve your overall quality of life through the lens of mental and emotional states of health and well being. 🍃Here's What You'll Learn🍃 • The difference between anxiety and depression • Root causes of anxiety and depression that spiral out of control • Nutritional and Lifestyle Factors for supporting mental health • Anti-depressive & Anxiolytic Herbal Materia Medica • Support Systems for Greif, Loss, Trauma, Loneliness, and more • Herbal Safety & Natural Treatments that can be used along side medication • Herbal Formulas in Clinical Practice **If you sign up for this webinar, you will receive a link to access the recording 24 hours after the event and it will be active for two weeks.

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