2020 Ruby Mountains Herbal Field Trip

July 14-18, 2020

*Pricing will be announced shortly*

a Wildcrafting & Medicine Making camping trip

in the beautiful Ruby Mountains, Nevada

We will spend four nights camped out in the lush forested mountain wilderness of Nevada near rushing waterfalls surrounded by quaking aspen trees. Our days will be spent deepening our relation to the Earth as we explore the rich flora of the Ruby Mountains. This is a herbal medicine making wilderness immersion where we will have zero cell service and an epic star-scape.

Each day will consist of plant walks to practice our botany and plant identification skills, harvesting and medicine making, plant spirit communication classes, and relaxation time in between. 

Plant spirit communication is about listening to what the plants have to teach us directly. We will allow time to engage in deepening our connection to the plant world by learning how to communicate and read their messages. This will be a gathering of remembrance and an opportunity to practice traditional Earth Centered herbal arts in a community setting guided by herbalist, Heather Luna.  

​The Ruby Mountains are located about 30 minutes south of Elko, Nevada. Also called “Nevada's Swiss Alps”, you will be amazed at how this secluded spot is flush with wildlife, mountain scenery, lakes, streams and valleys. From Nevada City to the campground it is a 6 hour and 20 minute drive, not including stops. You will be responsible for your own transportation and gas, camping equipment, meals, and drinking water. 

Registration is independent from all other courses. 

Registration is open for all adults 18+, and if you are under 18 contact us for a Parental Permission Form before you register. 

Click on the button below for our Ruby Mountains Guidebook 2019 which is very detailed and should answer most questions about this trip.