3) You will receive an email from the Acorn Herb School confirming your registration. 

  • Please read the Medicine Garden Program Overview page for class preparation and details.
  • If you still have additional questions, please email us at acornherbschool@gmail.com.

Registration for Medicine Garden Program 2019

Drop-in Students ~

Please complete these forms and bring them with you for the first day of class. ​​


2) Complete the PayPal payment.
  - For cash payments or to charge your credit card in person please contact the Acorn School to set up a time to come by 530-470-6166. 

​​​Medicine Garden Program 2019

Class meets two Fridays each month, from March until October

10 am - 4 pm

1st class March 29th, 2019

2019 Class Dates:

   March (1st class) -  3/29
   April - 4/12 & 4/26
   May - 5/17 & 5/31
   June - 6/14 & 6/28
   July - 7/12 & 7/26
   August - 8/9 & 8/30
   September - 9/13 & 9/27
   October - 10/11 & 10/25


You can pay for the full program or you can pay per class. Students who choose the full program will get a lot more out of the course since working with the garden through the season is part of the experience. 

Full Program - closed for this season, but drop-ins are welcome...see below.

15 total classes

$1650 full program cost ($110 per class)

Payment Plan: $650 Deposit due by 3/29/19. Then seven monthly payments of $150.00.

​Drop-in/Single Class

$125 per class

If you choose to attend more than one drop-in class, you will need to register separately for each class. 

At the moment we do not have an exact itinerary for each class, since classes are dependent on what garden tasks need to be done and which plants are ready to harvest at that time of the season. ​We can tell you, however, which instructor teaches when and the types of topics that will be discussed.

The first Friday of each month is primarily taught by Renee Wade with a focus on soil building, growing strategies, and creating agricultural resilience in sustainable mindsets. The second Friday of the month is primarily taught by Heather Luna with a focus on plant medicine, materia medica, medicine making, and herbal therapeutics. Both instructors are present at each class and you will receive teachings from both instructors. Renee and Heather compliment each other's teaching styles and both integrate plant spirit communication into their class styles. 

Medicine Garden Program 2019

Drop-in Single Class


​1) Complete & Submit the Form below. 
Please include the email address associated with your PayPal account. We use this to identify the payments received with the person attending.