Heather Luna, Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist
Acorn School of Herbal Medicine Director

A Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, and resident of Nevada County since her teens, Heather Luna is a graduate of the John Woolman School, the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, and the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Her teachings are rooted in both medical and folk herbalism. Her passion for Nature has guided her in a practice of herbs, nutrition, bodywork, apitherapy, and vitalism for the past 20 years. 

Heather's professional practice includes appropriate guidance in herbal and nutritional counseling, specific dietary programs, 

coaching through food allergies, connecting with plant and animal allies, therapeutic and uterine massage, vaginal steams, foot bathing, flower essences, relaxation techniques, plant brushings, bee venom therapy and a wide variety of natural medicine protocols. 

Heather teaches full time at the Acorn School and also operates the Nevada City Herb & Tea Co which specializes in medicinal herb tea blends. She has instructed classes in Western Herbalism in the Sierra Foothills for more than a decade. A lifelong student, mother, beekeeper, massage therapist, and plant medicine whisperer, Heather hunts inspiration and cooks it up in service to inspire others. Her free time is spent gathering plants, making herbal medicines, walking in the woods, enjoying the Yuba River, and spending time with her amazing daughter and her dog. Heather is a master in the art of "self-care" and teaches the use of simple and effective healing strategies rooted in a practice of living simply close to nature.