Supporting Faculty

30 years, the Director of EverGreen Herb Garden and School of Integrative Herbology, a certified Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Practitioner, a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and a mentor for Herbal clinicians for the AHG.

Candis is an innovative, capable, well educated herbalist with experience in growing and processing herbs for medicinal use, well versed in wild plant identification, identifying dozens of herbs in the High Sierras and throughout the foothills of California as well as other states. She is notable for her capacity to teach in a way that makes the information accessible to the students and easily applied to their lives.

Candis gardens regularly and continues to read and research the area of herbs and holistic health. She has had an active clinic since 1984 and has seen hundreds of clients over the years. Her experience and practical advice is a gift that she brings to her clients, students and family.

Candis has helped to set up the Herb Gardens at Soil Born Farm in Sacramento, an organic non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean food for the community and for educating people about this. Candis teaches at Soil Born Farms locations, in Sacramento and at there farm in Rancho Cordova.

Candis has also been teaching at the Sacramento Natural Food Coop since 1989 and has written the herb article for the co-op Reporter since 1989 as well.

​Jon Oleson
Western Herbalist, Flower Essence Clinician, Plant Communication Guide​​

I started down my current path following a spiritual healing crisis. After graduating college (BA) in Middle East Studies and Arabic, I found lucrative employment with the National Security Agency (NSA) as a translator. The final two years of this post-collegiate endeavor was spent in and out of Iraq, where I worked as a private contract interpreter for US liaisons on military bases. One day I reached a breaking point. My heart hurt. I met depression for the first time in my life. I was mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Time was ripe for change.

In my younger years I spent much of my free time in the Great Outdoors. I am grateful to my father for the appreciation he taught for just being immersed in ​wild places. My most  

​​Alene Sidle
Vitalist Herbalist, Wild crafter, Gardener, Chef

Alene’s deep love for plants and healing goes back to her childhood when she would go into her yard and experiment in making “potions,” that later also grew into a keen interest for food, cooking and gardening.  It was in high school in Costa Rica when she formed a deeper connection to nature and plants. Her interest led her to a permaculture farm to learn about growing food and rain forest plant remedies that fully ignited her passion for the plant path. 

Alene has been studying herbal medicine for the past ten years. Her first formal study of herbal medicine was with Adam Seller. She did Kathi Keville’s herbal apprenticeship which ignited her passion for growing medicinal gardens. She also took Kathi’s aromatherapy

herbal marketing skills with hands-on experience in herbal retail and inventory. MJ is a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH) and a Certified Nutrition Counselor (CNC), with over 2,000 hours of training in all stages of the Herbal process. ​

After spending 25 years in Corporate America MJ decided there was something more to life than sitting in an office cubicle - she decided to get out and help people help themselves.  No matter what walk of life, everyone matters. Having always been interested in Health and Nutrition, even when doing and eating things that were not healthy, in 2008 was given the opportunity to start over and follow her true life path of Herbalism and Complimentary Life Style modalities.  This journey started in the rolling hills and fast pace of New Jersey to the beautiful deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Colorado and now to the majestic forestry of Northern California. Each step of the way has been a learning experience that will never be forgotten. There is never a wrong time to start on your path, better late than never.

A 2010 graduate of the Western Herbalism program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, AZ,  MJ discovered the wonders of making medicine and natural body products, which she has an affinity and has become quite the Medicine Maker and teacher. After moving to the Boulder area and graduating with honors in 2012, from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism Clinical Program (NAIMH), she opened her own private practice as a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH), helping clients and began developing her own line of body products and herbal remedies.  


seminars, and continued on to a more advanced class with Kathi and Dr. Christopher Hobbs. She studied flower essences and earth based wisdom with Marza Miller, which gave her a deep grounding with the earth and the elements. She studied herbal energetics with Matthew Wood. It was with Michael Cottingham in Voyage Botanica that she studied wildcrafting and medicine making with an emphasis of plants in the Southwest. She also studied with Heather Luna for several years before attending the Footprints in Medical Herbalism program at the Acorn School of Herbal Medicine. Since then she has been working as the pharmacy manager for the school, helping with administration and serving in the free clinic. 

Alene is the creator of Zea Mays Botanicals and enjoys creating herbal remedies and recipes. In her free time Alene loves gardening, wildcrafting, hiking, cooking, making medicine and is continually in search of a way to be of service to her family, friends and community. 

With her interest in natural medicine ignited, she decided to formalize her education by completing a Bachelor of Naturopathy Degree from Southern Cross University (Australia) in 2007. Her main herbal teacher during those four years was Dr. Sue Evans who encouraged her not to be a “brown bottle herbalist’ but to go out and form relationships with the actual plants by tasting, growing, wild-crafting and directly experiencing. After graduation, she completed her naturopathic internship at Ruth Trickey’s Melbourne Holistic Health Group and practiced as a naturopath in Byron Bay specializing in Women and Children’s Health.

Since she moved to Nevada City she has continued to learn and be inspired by local herbalists, mentors and the plants themselves. Between 2011-2016 she completed herbal apprenticeships with Kathi Keville, Candis Cantin and Dr. Christopher Hobbs. Since 2012 she has worked behind the counter at HAALo offering her services as a community herbalist, homeopath and teacher.  

Jahwei maintains a private practice as a clinical herbalist, naturopath and holistic nutritionist and enjoys helping people reach optimal health by stimulating their own vital force to heal and minimizing any obstacles to cure. She loves teaching and is grateful for the opportunity to learn from her clients and students alike. Her approach is heart-centered, practical and seeks to incorporate wisdom from both traditional and scientific systems of medicine.

As well as being a wife and mother of three beautiful children, Jahwei is an avid wild-crafter, herbal educator, organic gardener, medicine maker, food lover, world traveler and creator of Remedy Garden Botanicals.

MJ (Mary Jo) Beaupre
Clinical Herbalist, Certified Nutrition Counselor

Clinical Herbalist, specializing in Woman’s Health, Western Herbs and Nutrition, with extensive knowledge of the history of herbal use, herbal manufacture, marketing, and distribution; Specialist in manufacturing herbal products including tinctures, infusions, lotions and salves and other commonly used products; Knowledge of plant medicine & care techniques and organic propagation; Understanding of traditional naturopathy, alternative medicine practices, nutrition, and herbal health applications; Excellent   

Jahwei Chen-Graf, B.Nat (SCU)
Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath

Jahwei’s immersion in the world of medicinal herbs began over 20 years ago in the Swiss Alps where she spent her summers wild-crafting with her mother-in-law, Rosanna, a folk herbalist. Glorious hours were passed in the mountains harvesting plants and later turning them into teas, syrups, ointments and tinctures. Jahwei tested out these traditional herbal remedies on her family and friends and when they reported improvement she was pleasantly surprised at the power of these simple plant medicines. What’s more, she discovered that just being outside- in nature, connecting with the plants is powerful medicine in itself.

Candis Cantin
Herbalist, Holistic Health Minister, Certified Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Practitioner

Rev. Candis Cantin Kiriajes has over 30 years of practical experience as a counselor and a teacher of holistic lifestyle principles. She is the artist and co-creator of the Herbal Tarot Deck & Book Set and the author of the Pocket Guide to Ayurvedic Healing. Candis has been very active in teaching Integrative Herbology for over 28 years. Her main focus in teaching is to inspire the self-empowerment of the students and clients. She is a Holistic Health Minister, a gardener for over 

​Kathi Keville
Aromatherapist, Herbalist, & Author

My passion is nature--gardening, hiking, biking, canoeing, and visiting botanical gardens. When I'm not enjoying being outside, I'm writing about it. I love sharing the healing gifts of nature. The result is 15 books and well over 100 magazine articles on herbal medicine, aromatherapy, organic gardening, and just plain healthy living. I teach in North America, Europe, and in year-round classes and at my Green Medicine Herb School in Nevada City, California, along with visiting herbalists. You can find me, Green Medicine Herb School, and the American Herb Association at

vivid memories are the scent of the desert Sagebrush after a rain, sweet pine resin floating on the crisp fall breeze, and putrid marsh mud bubbling beneath my boots. That connection early on was transformative in my curiosities and passions later in life. Remembering the clarity and calm that I always felt amongst the plants, and my persistent curiosity for getting to know my local plant community, I left my home in Salt Lake City to study Clinical Herbalism at the North American Institute for Medical Herbalism (Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism) in Boulder, CO.

Two years later, my life was completely transformed. My diet transitioned from vegan to paleo-ish. I experienced profound physical and emotional healing. Life was (and continues to be) exciting, inspiring, and purposeful. Most of all, I gained a broader linguistic perspective and expanded my community to include all beings. Having studied language I realized that the way plants heal is through interpersonal communication. In our culture this often happens on a subconscious level since we’re not given tools to interact. Acting as an interpreter I began working to reconnect my human community with the plant allies by focusing on the heart as a primary mode of consciousness. This role fills me with deep love and passion, and I’ve come to view it as a spiritual purpose in life.​

My steep 10-acre property of mostly oak and pine runs from exactly 2700 to 2800 feet elevation in the Sierra. It is hot every summer and snows in the winter, yet I still manage to grow a world-wide selection of 500 medicinal species in an acre of terraces on my Oak Valley Herb Farm. I grow some vegetables and also dine on wild foods.

Another fun plant-oriented activity is my monthly radio program. The Garden Forum: Herb Edition on KVMR (89.5 FM) is a call-in show if you ever want to participate on the first Friday 1pm-2pm. I'm in my garden discussing the plants that I grow on the multi-series aromatherapy show "Everybody Nose" on Dish Network TV (Veria Network).

I am the Director of the American Herb Association. Since 1981, I've published the subscription AHA Quarterly Newsletter containing up-to-date news. I'm also a member of United Plant Savers, was a founding member of the American Herbalists Guild, and an honorary member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. I've belonged to the California Native Plant Society, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, and other environmental groups for decades.

A little more about me is that I've been devouring books since I learned to read. I remember pouring through writings of Jules Verne, Charles Darwin, and Charles Dickens in fifth grade, and then moved on to the Classics. Early on, my goal was to be an art teacher and to write and illustrate children's books. I do have an art degree, but I became fascinated with using rather than illustrating the green world around me. Today, my library of plant books covers the four walls of my office, and then some!