Suggested Payment Schedule for Footprints in Medical Herbalism

Custom payment schedules can be made to meet your financial needs. Please contact ASHM directly to make arrangements.

Aug 2020





Nov 2020Dec 2020



Feb 2021Mar 2021

Apr 2021

May 2021
$500 Tuition Deposit + $100 Supplies Fee Deposit

$560 for Required Materials Cost

(paid at orientation)

$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment
$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment
$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment
$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment
$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment
$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment
$230 Tuition Payment + $100 Supplies Fee Payment

Application Fee $50.00

(one-time payment)

How To Apply

  • Download and fill out the Application Form.
  • Gather your Required Documents.
  • Prepare & submit your Application Fee of $50.00. See below on how to pay.
  • Submit your completed Application, Application Fee and Required Documentation:
    • MAIL: Print the Application, fill it out, and mail it with the fee & all documents to ASHM.
    • EMAIL: Fill out digital document on our website and email it to ASHM. You can scan and email the Required Documentation and call the school to process your Application Fee.
  • Within 7-14 days you will receive an email from us about your acceptance.
  • Please contact Heather Luna, ASHM Director with any additional questions or concerns.​ 

Please note: Applications will not be processed until the application fee is submitted.

​​​​Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment:

Credit Card

By Phone

Call the school to process your card at 530-470-6166


Pay via PayPal - use link below.

Personal Check or

Money Order 

Mail to: 

580 Searls Ave.

Nevada City, CA 95959

Make payable to: Acorn School of Herbal Medicine

CashIn-person at the school only, call to make an appointment. 530-470-6166

​​​​​​​General Enrollment Information

  • New students must fill out an application for enrollment. 
  • There is a non-refundable $50 application fee. 
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to attend classes. 
  • Once applications are accepted there is a deposit required to hold your place in the program. 
  • All deposits count as your first tuition payment and towards your total tuition cost.
  • ​​NAIMH Foundations Flash Drive & Supplies Fee are not included in tuition. See below for details.

Footprints in Medical Herbalism Program 2020-21 Tuition

Special Offer: When you enroll in the Footprints Program and refer a friend who also enrolls, both you and your friend get $100 OFF total tuition.

  • Begins Tuesday, September 22, 2020 
  • Deposit = $500 (counts towards tuition total)
  • Eight Monthly Tuition Payments =  $230 each 
  • Tuition Cost = $2340*

​               *additional costs not included in tuition and listed below

Additional Costs (required)

     1) NAIMH Foundations Flash Drive

  • This Flash Drive will need to be purchased on the first day of class. It contains course curriculum used in our Footprints in Medical Herbalism program. It also includes your enrollment fee with NAIMH, which provides educational supervision from NAIMH and access to academic correspondence with Paul Bergner. (The Flash Drive costs $300 and the enrollment fee with NAIMH costs $260.) Please bring payment with you on the first day of class for the full of amount $560. Checks or Money Orders can be made out to NAIMH. Credit and debit cards will be processed directly by NAIMH. Please note that you cannot start class without purchasing this Flash Drive.
  • For more details about what is contained on this flash drive please see the Footprints Program page.
  • Required Materials Cost = $560

     2) Supplies Fee for Footprints Program

  • This fee covers the following and more: All medicine making supplies: bottles, menstruums (oil, alcohol, honey, vinegar, etc.), jars, herbs, labels, strainers, scales, grinders, and measuring devices. Students will take home finished tinctures, herb infused oils, syrups, salves, tea formulas, fire cider, etc. The supply fee also covers the cost of any parking fees and State Park fees (needed for some herb walks), a botany loop, and hundreds of pages of spiral bound printed notes.
  • This cost can be paid in full or divided up and paid along with regular tuition. $100 deposit, and Eight Monthly Payments of $100 (in addition to regular tuition).
  • Supplies Fee Cost = $900

Footprints Program Total Cost
      1) Deposit $500
      2) Tuition $2340 - $500 Deposit = $1840
      3) NAIMH Foundations Flash Drive $560 (paid directly to NAIMH) 
      4) Supplies Fee $900
      Total cost = $3800​​