• Spend a full day immersed in plant wisdom at the ACORN School’s Medicine Garden
  • Learn Hypericum Materia medica
  • Make your own fresh-plant tincture & infused oil to take home (all materials provided)

2021-22 ​Schedule:

September ~ Hawthorn Harvest

Sink into this heart medicine. Talk story of the science and the magic of this heart medicine. Make fresh hawthorn berry oxymel and elixir.

October ~ 
Medicine Garden Fall Harvest

Herb Walk and seasonal medicine making.

November ~ 
Oak Tree Medicine

At an ancient grinding rock location near old growth California Black Oaks, harvest and process acorns. Talk story of the many medicinal uses, ecological importance, history and lore of the oak.

December ~ No class

January ~ No class

February ~ 

Pine, Cedar, and Fir. Discover the many medicinal uses of evergreens. Make Pine Syrup and pine pitch salve.                              

March ~ 
Yuba River Trek

Seasonal Wild Flower and Medicinal Plant Walk.

April ~ 
Spring Weeds

Medicinal and Edible weed walk through the Medicine Garden. Make delicious weedy wild pesto, herbal vinegars, and oxymels.

May ~ 
Rock Creek Nature Trail

Deep Forest Foraging and Fairytales. Bleeding heart harvest.

June ~ St. John’s Wort Celebration

Talk story of the medicine and the magic. Make fresh plant tincture and infused oil in the field.

July ~ Medicine Garden Summer Harvest

Herb Walk. Peak season field to bottle medicine making at the farm.  

August ~ Elderberry Extravaganza

Discover everything elder. Make fresh berry syrup from field to bottle. 

We are happy to announce the return of our in-person outdoor Field Classes!

 Join Heather Luna for a fun, informative and hands-on experience in the field

to learn about the edible & medicinal plants of the Sierra Foothills 

​Field Classes are, you guessed it, held in out in the field at various locations throughout the Nevada County area. Class locations range from the cozy nest of our school Medicine Garden to various treasured trails and forests in the wild landscape of the Sierra foothills.

Field Classes Include:

  • Herb Walks
  • Plant Identification
  • Herbal Actions and Medicinal Uses
  • Fresh Plant Medicine Making in the field
  • Harvesting and processing techniques
  • Foraging Ethics
  • Plant Communication

These Field Classes are rich botanical adventures which strengthen our relationships to the plants and the use of herbs into our daily lives. Due to the variation of ecosystems and activities held at each field class throughout the season every stand-alone class is a unique experience that cannot reflect the entirety of outdoor adventures we will embark throughout the year. For the full experience of traveling through the seasons join us once a month. These are inspirational botanical play days for every level of herbalist. Spend the day immersed in botanical wisdom with Heather Luna. ​

All medicine making materials will be provided. You will be participating in hands-on medicine making in the field. Everyone will take home medicine we make during our Field Classes. 

  • ​​Classes will be held once a month starting in September
  • Learn plant identification and Materia medica
  • Hands-on medicine making in the field (all materials are provided)
  • Take home medicines made that day
  • You can register for each class individually or as a group program with a discount. More details to come.

Field Classes 

St. John's Wort Celebration

Friday, June 25, 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm  

Spring Plant Walks

10:00 am - 1:00 pm  

Field Class Program 2021-22

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

$125 per class

​May 13 - Rock Creek Nature Trail

May 27 - Discovery Trail

  • Easy and flat walking trails
  • Directions will be emailed upon registration​
  • Please pack trail snacks, as we won't have time to break for lunch

Plant Walks

Upcoming Field Classes