How to prepare for class

Please come prepared to work with the plants in their environments. While we live in temperature controlled rooms plants do not. Learning about plants means that we must adjust ourselves to the climates and habitats of Nature. Spending time in nature is a vital piece of being an herbalist. Spending time in Nature should not be limited to fair weather and sunny days. This means being prepared to meet your personal comfort needs in an outdoor learning environment so that you can enjoy your time with the plants.

No class is cancelled due to rain. Classes are only cancelled under extreme or hazardous conditions. 

**Masking and Social Distancing Required!

What to bring

  • Full water bottle
  • A sack lunch and trail snacks for the day
  • Good walking shoes (weather appropriate such as waterproof hiking boots and wool socks)
  • Notebook and pen/pencils (cameras are also welcome)
  • A personal blanket or towel to sit on outside
  • Plastic grocery bags (we pick up trash along the way)
  • Weather appropriate layers of clothing:
    • Long pants (with wooly unders/leggings if cold), short sleeves shirt or tank top with long sleeve shirt on top. Plus a hoodie or wool sweater. **Remember you can always shed layers, but you can’t magically make new layers appear while out in the field.
    • Sunhat and light weight loose long sleeves and pants to prevent bug bites, bramble scratches and sunburn on sunny days
    • Rain slicker with waterproof hood and water proof gear with warm wool under layers on rainy days
    • A backpack to store gear and extra layers of clothing 

Bring your own harvesting tools

We will use these tools for medicine making in the field. If you choose to bring your own tools and equipment please label each with your name. 

  • Pocket knife
  • Garden snips/clippers/hand pruners
  • Small shovel/trowel/ hori hori/ or other digging tool
  • Folding garden saw
  • Baskets or collecting bags (canvas or paper)

Field Classes Include~

  • Herb Walks
  • Plant Identification
  • Herbal Actions, Medicinal Uses, and wild eatables
  • The making of Fresh Plant Medicines in the field
  • Harvesting and processing techniques
  • Foraging Ethics
  • Plant Communication

All medicine making materials provided. Take home what you make. These rich botanical adventures strengthen our relationships to the plants and our skills in how to use them. Students leave inspired to use herbs in everyday their everyday lives. 

Depending on the season class locations vary from the cozy nest of our school Medicine Garden to various treasured trails and forests in the wild landscape of the Sierra foothills. Register or inquire to find out where each class is held. 



  • Includes medicine making materials.
  • A discount price is offered to students who are currently enrolled in any of our online programs.
  • Public pricing is also offered at a reduced rate.

Was $125... Now offered at $75!
Student discount now $60 

We are offering pandemic relief special pricing.  Spending more time in nature allows better recovery from stress and improves the quality of our lives. In solidarity of challenging times we would like to share our best rates ever in hopes that you will join us in the harnessing the Healing Power of Nature for the creation of a better world. 

To Sign-up

1) email the school with "Field Class" in the subject line and include the date you would like to attend. 

2) We will send you an invoice payable online.

3) You will receive an email from us with class location and details for the date of attendance.

email address:

Field Classes 2021-22

Join Heather Luna for outdoor hands-on herbal adventure

Field Classes Dates for 2021-22

10:00 am - 3:00 pm...each day is a full adventure!

September 25th – Hawthorn Harvest. Sink into this heart medicine with a plant sit and song. Talk story of the science and the magic of age old Crataegus tradition. Make fresh hawthorn berry oxymel and elixir.

October 30th – Medicine Garden Fall Harvest. Herb Walk. Collection and processing for field to bottle medicine making.

November 20th– Oak Tree Medicine. At an ancient grinding rock location near old growth California Black Oaks, harvest and process acorns. Talk story of the many medicinal uses, ecological importance, history and lore of the oak.

December &  January - No Class

February 26th - Conifers. Pine, Cedar, and Fir. Discover the many medicinal uses of evergreens. Explore the abundant uses of needles, bark, and sap. Make Pine Syrup and pine pitch salve.   

March 26th – Yuba River Trek. Seasonal Wild Flower and Medicinal Plant Walk.

April 23rd – Spring Weeds. Medicinal and Edible weed walk through the Medicine Garden. Make delicious weedy wild pesto, herbal vinegars, and oxymels.

May 28th – Rock Creek Nature Trail. Deep Forest Foraging and Fairytales. Herb Walk and Bleeding heart harvest.

June 25th – St. John’s Wort Celebration. Talk story of the medicine and the magic. Make fresh plant tincture and infused oil in the field.

July 23rd – Medicine Garden Summer Harvest. Herb Walk. Collection and Processing of fresh plant material. Peak season field to bottle medicine making at the farm.  

August 27th – Elderberry Extravaganza. Learn, make medicine, and play. Discover everything elder. Make fresh berry syrup from field to bottle. Sit with an elder in the garden and listen to her messages. Make traditional herbal baths with sunlight, plants, and water to get refreshingly drenched in the

garden on a hot summer day. 

Participate in the Healing Power of Nature!

Deepen your relationship with medicinal plants of the Sierra Foothills

Spend the day immersed in Nature & steeped botanical wisdom