advanced class with Kathi and Dr. Christopher Hobbs. She studied flower essences and earth based wisdom with Marza Miller, which gave her a deep grounding with the earth and the elements. She studied herbal energetics with Matthew Wood. It was with Michael Cottingham in Voyage Botanica that she studied wildcrafting and medicine making with an emphasis of plants in the Southwest. She also studied with Heather Luna for several years before attending the Footprints in Medical Herbalism program at the Acorn School of Herbal Medicine. Since then she has been working as the pharmacy manager for the school, helping with administration and serving in the free clinic. 

Alene is the creator of Zea Mays Botanicals and enjoys creating herbal remedies and recipes. In her free time Alene loves gardening, wildcrafting, hiking, cooking, making medicine and is continually in search of a way to be of service to her family, friends and community. 

​​Alene Sidle
Vitalist Herbalist, Wild crafter, Gardener, Chef

Alene’s deep love for plants and healing goes back to her childhood when she would go into her yard and experiment in making “potions,” that later also grew into a keen interest for food, cooking and gardening.  It was in high school in Costa Rica when she formed a deeper connection to nature and plants. Her interest led her to a permaculture farm to learn about growing food and rain forest plant remedies that fully ignited her passion for the plant path. 

Alene has been studying herbal medicine for the past ten years. Her first formal study of herbal medicine was with Adam Seller. She did Kathi Keville’s herbal apprenticeship which ignited her passion for growing medicinal gardens. She also took Kathi’s aromatherapy seminars, and continued on to a more